Add vocals, do all your overdubs and be creative for only 1000 SEK a day in this studio optimized for today's need of a vintage recording path as well as a well equipped macintosh and a good vibe.

Conceived as a multi functional space that can be used for anything from track preparation, editing, vocal and small recording sessions and mixing, studio 2 is right there on the edge. Inspired by japanese decoration, this is a light and airy studio. Why spend money on square meters when you can buy time instead?

Designed to combine the power of todays DAWs and vintage equipment, this is all you need to finish up a good recording session. The heart of Studio 2 is a Macintosh G4 running Pro Tools TDM. The set up includes Joe Meek compressors and vintage custom preamps of absolutly top quality.

The tracking booth is just a patch away. It has floating floor and very good acoustics. You can track vocals, guitars and even get a tight sound from your drum kit. There is an extra isolated booth to put away your amps if needed.

Tech spec
Vintage custom mixer with 6 micpreamps
Joe Meek compressor
API compressor
Fostex active monitors
10ch mixer with reverb for headphones
ProTools TDM 24 in / 10 out

1000 SEK/Day
Vintage mics 300 SEK/day
Compressor 200 SEK/day
The best preamps in the world 200 SEK/Day
2 keyboards of your choice 150 SEK/Day
house technician 350 SEK/hour
Pro Tools support on agreement