In the summer of 2005, Music A matic was rebuilt and as a result, the shimmering Crystal Room took shape. The warm and clear acoustics makes this the perfect place to start your recording session.

With a main room of X m2 and with two isolated booths in conjunction you got plenty of space to fit anything in, short of a full size orchestra. Take advantage of Music A Matic's extensive range of vintage microphones, consoles and outboard gear, and let the vibe inspire you to extraordinary sessions.

With a NEVE 24/24/4 and a QuadEight Pacifica 24/20/8 API console as its two beating hearts the control room is the result of 20 years of dedication to audio engineering. With a range of outboard gear that can only be rivalled by the great studios of London, this is where you get the results you want.


NEVE 24/24/4 vintage with 1066 amps (recaped)
QuadEight Pacifica 24/20/8 API type console
Yamaha 03D digital mixing console
all in patchbay configuration

Tannoy 15”
Dynaudio Acustics BM6a
Yamaha NS10
Crown DC300 customized
Klark DN60 audio analyser
Private Q 12 chn. headphone system
Bayer DT150 headphones

Studer A820 24 trk
Studer C37 2 trk (valve) 1/4”
Ampex ATR 102 2 trk. 1/4”
Panasonic SV 3700 DAT

2 API 550a
1 Tubetech ME1A (valve)
1 Manley Massive Passive (valve stereo)
1 JVC vintage graphic eq
1 Massenburg GML mastering eq

12 Disa (valve)
2 API 312
1 custom high gain for ribbon mics
16 super quality Earlab custom preamps

1 Fairchild 670 stereo (valve)
1 EMI R590 mono (valve)
1 ADL CL 1500 stereo (valve)
1 Westrex mono (valve)
1 Pendulum audio OCL2 stereo (valve)
3 Disa customised (valve)
1 Altec mono (valve)
1 CBS mono (valve)
2 NTP 179-120 mono
4 NEVE 2254 mono
1 Chandler Ltd TG1 stereo ( Beatles compressor )
2 Quad Eight with deesseroption
1 DBX 160X mono
1 DBX 160VU mono
4 DBX 163 mono.
1 SSL master compressor stereo
1 Universal Audio La3a
2 Universal Audio 1176 ”bluestripe”
2 Valley People 440
2 stereo Valley People Dynamite
2 API 525

Neuman AKG Shure Shoeps Crown Sennheise Pearl Primo Electrovoice Beyer B&O Coles

2 EMT 140 plates (valve)
1 Lexicon 480
1 Lexicon PCM70
1 Lexicon PCM60
1 Yamaha SPX990
1 AKG BX20 spring reverberator
1 Orban 111B spring reverberator
1 Master room spring reverberators



2 Delta lab effectron
1 Delta lab Super timeline
1 Peavey IDL1000
1 MXR system 1
1 MXR system 2
* wide assortment of vintage tape echoes

1 Roland Dimension D
1 Eventide H3000 SE
1 SPL Transient Designer 4x
1 MXR autophaser
2 MXR pitch transposer
1 DBX 120XP subharmonic synthesiser

6 DBX 263X
2 DBX 902
1 Drawmer 202
2 Rebis RA 201
4 DBX 463X
1 BSS Audio DPR 502 midi gate
1Valley People Gatex

3 DIB valve class A
2 Susan Blue
2 Alan Smart Smart box

Malmsjö grand piano
Upright piano
Fender Rhodes 88 stage piano
Hammond L100 with valve Leslie
Farfisa Compact Duo
Farfisa Professional
Philips Philicorda valve organ
Solina organ
Viggen organ
Korg CX3
Hohner clavinet and pianet
Viscount organ/string ensamble
Crumar Multiman string ensamble
Logan string ensamble
Memory moog
Mini moog
Korg 3200
Roland Juno-6
Yamaha SK-30
Oberheim 2 voice
PPG Wave 2
Pump organ

Fender superreverb
Marshal Super Lead
Kustom 150
3 custom built amps for personal heavy duty performance

Mac G4 800 MHz
Rosenthal house clock
Pro Tools TDM / Adat bridge/RME020 / Swissonic in/out (tot 40 in and 56 out)
Motu midi time piece AV
Kurzweil K2000 with 32Mb and 500Mb Hd
Korg midi to CV konverter
Zeta 3 syncronizer


5.500 SEK / Day